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Where do i put the shame?
It feels like a broken toy
I can't play with anymore.
Where do i put the hate?
To a pixilated screen
I can't watch anymore.
All i know is that I'm here,
Drifting somewhere in the vast
Somewhere in eternity,
And I never want to leave.
Where do I put the books?
There's so many i could read,
but they all are filled with lies.
Where do i put the lies?
There's so many I could say,
But it seems they're in the books.
I have faith that you're out there,
living high up in the vast
somewhere in eternity,
and you're never going to leave.
Have i been telling lies to myself?
Hold me now.
You know I'm so afraid to be at all.
Have i been telling lies to myself?
Hold me now.
You know I'm so afraid to love at all.
I looked up, and I saw the moon.
Is it the same one that betrayed you?
I looked up, and I saw my place.
I looked in, and I felt no hate.
Where do i put the love?
Where do i put the love?

-- "Here" by VAST

When Buffy Summers moved to New York City after the Hellmouth in Sunnydale is closed for good when they killed the Mayor, she found strange things going on, so she called the one person she trusted most - her former Watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. As they began working together again, away from the Council and its rules, they grew closer, and now the two of them have started a relationship.

Meanwhile, Angel headed to Los Angeles where he started his agency and, with the help of his friends, saved Fred Burkle from Pylea. The two of them fell in love, but then the unthinkable happened - Fred was murdered by zombie cops. Grief-stricken, Angel turned her before she died, calling Willow to ensoul his love before she rose. Things weren't the same, though, so the two of them are heading for NYC, both to find out what's going on there and to be together without the interference of the others.

Something strange is going on in NYC - the demonic underworld can feel it. Something has awaken deep under the city, and only four people - two vampires, a Slayer and a Watcher - can fight it, but only if they work together.

This is a one-on-one RPG game between notangelsbitca & gfs_wesleypryce/gfswesleypryce and broodychampion & sciencegrl_fred/sciencegrlfred. Please feel free to watch but don't ask to join. The characters of Buffy Summers, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Angel and Fred Burkle belong to Mutant Enemy. This game is played for fun. We make no money from this.

WARNING: This game has violence, vampirism and male/female sexual situations (including Sire/Childe) and as such is rated for Adults Only.